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Kwik Kar is known for high quality services for vehicles repair and maintenance.   Their services are outstanding and can be trusted to keep you car running smoothly. Kwik Kar coupons are now even making it easier for you access these services.  Their staff includes experts who can handle both local and international vehicles at affordable cost a long as you get the coupons to lower the cost.
Kwik Kar is family owned company, but it has qualified mechanics employed to assure that every motor vehicle owner gets the best. They follow the manufacture’s warranty and only provide quality spare parts.

Services with available  Kwik Kar coupons

Kwik Kar Coupons for Suspension & Steering systems

The wheels require a functioning suspension and steering system. With our coupons, you can be sure that the wheels of you vehicle will be moving freely while at the same time ensuring stability. It is important for vehicle alignment which enhance your safety as you drive.

Kwik Kar couponsKwikKar Coupons for Air conditioning

The hot season makes the air in your car unbearable and if you AC knob is not functioning, you may have to put up with hot air streaming from vents. This makes the situation in a vehicle unbearable; however with Kwik Kar coupons you can have the air conditioning function all the time.  Without proper maintenance, the air conditioning system loses a certain percentage of its efficiency.  To keep the system as new as you car, visit Kwik Kar where the professionals are factory trained and will know how to repair or just check the efficiency of the system. They have the knowledge to deal with every need for the air conditioning system using modern components. No matter how complex it may look, they know how to go about with the improvements.


This is a device that transfers and compresses refrigerant gas into the vehicles condenser. It plays the role of a simple pump, but is an important part of your vehicle and if it fails to function, you car may breakdown. With Kwik Kar coupons you are assured of keeping in perfect condition.


The main work of the condenser is to keep the refrigerant cool. This apparatus dissipates heat which comes from compressed gases. In most cars it is located in the front area of a vehicle just close to the radiator that cools the engine. Keep it checked to have high temperatures using coupons.


This is an important heat exchanger that eliminates hot temperature from you motor vehicle. It ensures that the refrigerant is cool and absorbs all the heats by transforming it into vapor. The compressor removes the vapor and ensures that your vehicle remains cool.

Tire rotation

This is usually about changing positions of tires in your car. They are interchanged to equalize wear and tear of the tires and prolong their life span. At Kwik Kar, they will check the recommended interval for rotation and in most vehicles its 6,000 miles. This depends on the model of a vehicle; it is always advisable for the mechanic to confirm from the vehicle’s manual because they are different.

 Breaking system

A breaking system is the most important part of a vehicle. It consists of two types of systems, friction and hydraulics. They need to be in good shape for them to work efficiently. Kwik Kar coupons ensure the brakes effective and reliable.